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 What is the Nelson Mandela Extranet? - context (below) : more (click

Entrepreneur009: CIDA’s and Maharishi's culture of lateral thinkingpermeates every aspect of its functioning, including the curriculum. “One of our primary goals is to create a culture of entrepreneurship, and we encourage innovative ideas,” Blecher affirms.This is supported by facilities like The Branson School of Entrepreneurship at CIDA, established by Sir Richard Branson.In addition to implementing mentorship programmes and incubator support, theSchool has set up CIDA Seed, a multi million Rand fund to provide seed capital for students with sound business ideas.CIDA has also taken its spirit ofentrepreneurship beyond the Campus, thanks to the Nelson Mandela Extranet Programme.This initiative sees students taking their knowledge back to their communities,converting venues like halls, schools and churches into classrooms where theyteach the principles of entrepreneurship. “We’ve reached thousands of childrenthis way,” says Blecher 





 What is Woza Online with google

What is Maharishi "girls were entering our university with loss of confidence off te scale - hence need for Mahariishi................................................................///////coming soon more from anuary 2015 skype brief with blecher  NOW 7TH GRADE MANDELA MILLENNIALS CAN CHANGE JOB CREATING EDUCATION & WORLD
 celebration across S Africa

17 year-long South African Partnerships in 7th grade girls, education, finance  
In last 2 years s.african government have asked these 5000 youth entrepreneur alumni of blecher to help change every curricula 3rd to 12th grade and apprenticeships and financing (regulations) of smes and apprenticeships -with goal of education creating million extra jobs or livelihoods by 2020
priority has been agreed 7th grade  - every schools teachers and increasing with curriculum on mobile or handset- collectively 7th grade out of every school (last in primary in safrica) now celebrate an entrepreneur project before children choose one of 3 things
continuing in schools
starting entrepreneur start ups

Taddy was first skoll million dollar winner in education - he knows many practice relevant people eg paul farmer and is delighted to collaborate with anyone who has a women empowerment or peace cultural or jobs creating curriculum to massively replicate
watch out for finfind - set of mobile tools making 7th graders brillaints at applyinfg for start up finance 

notes on youth entrepreneur celebrations 1

7th grade financial profile breakthroughs 


 CIDA AND BLECHER and Maharishi  PARTNERS - STARTING UP 1999-2009 - video tour 1








Operation hope atlantaglobaldignity.org5millionkids.orgbankingonourfuture.org , 2007 Operation HOPE, Launches Bold New Silver Rights Initiative to Teach 50,000 South African Youth and Women Financial Literacy, Entrepreneurship and Dignity

JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA – June 07, 2007 – Today, U.S. based financial literacy and empowerment nonprofit, Operation HOPE (HOPE), made good on its commitment to expand silver rights -- its mission to jump-start underserved communities through inspiration and financial education, opening its first international office in South Africa. The event, attended by top officials and private interest companies, recognized contributing sponsors and illustrated more about program goals. 

“We are pleased to welcome Operation HOPE to South Africa. It is our \'hope\' that through this program we will be able to positively impact the lives of tens of thousands of youth and young women in the country," said Todd Haskell, Public Affairs Officer, U.S. Embassy, Pretoria. 

The three-tier event consisted of an executive teaching session in the classroom setting, a press conference, and an education and partner session. The opening ceremony, which included the executive Banking on Our Future, South Africa teaching session and press conference, was hosted by Gauteng MEC (Member of the Executive Council of the Department of Education) Angelina Motshekga. CIDA University CEO, Taddy Blecher, opened the ceremonies and greeted guests. 
 Eva Bakonyi, Head, Partnerships and Donor Relations of IFC, participated in the program to express the corporation’s eagerness for the program’s success. And Mampe Ntsedi, Life & Education Skills Development Programme Director, welcomed the organization on behalf of the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund. 

Featured guest speaker Ambassador Andrew Young, a civil rights icon and Operation HOPE global spokesman, spoke on the Global Silver Rights Movement and the importance of education and access to levers of opportunity in achieving long-term success post apartheid for South Africans. 
 learn more about the program and plans to help 50,000 South African youth and young adults take control of their financial future. The new program office, in part, owes its existence to a commitment made through Clinton Global Initiatives, a partnership which was instrumental in leveraging partnership support. 

Banking on Our Future, HOPE’s award-winning initiative to empower youth with the basics of understanding money and investment, anticipates recruiting and training a base of 250 HOPE Corps volunteers to help educate the interested young adults. The South Africa curriculum has been customized to include dignity building and entrepreneurship, in additional to the standard saving and banking components. 

Before expanding to South Africa, the program’s proven success includes Oprah\'s Angel Network Use Your Life Award and the U.S. Treasury Department’s John Sherman Award for Financial Literacy Excellence. In the last 10 years, some 6,000 HOPE Corps volunteers have educated more than 225,000 youth to date. 



As Good as News  Gets

Welcome to Norman Macrae Family Foundation - home of The Economist's Entrepreneurial Revolution Curriculum since 1972:

How did open education become the last of innovation opportunities for net generations to be worldwide youth's most productive, colaborative and sustainable age? reports welcome chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk washington dc 301 881 1655 - volunteer for twin capitals summits of youth jobs expos


Over the 24 months of 2014-2015 we will be reporting connections between youth summits wherever we can linkin and assemble micro-wikis around the above issues - you can help us here: Googledoc the most collaborative 24 month race youth have played


....OPen Education who's who..













 TADDYBLECHER.com is a project of Norman Macrae Foundation. Norman's family were privileged that Taddy guested in one of the series of remembrance parties to Norman Macrae

 Download Taddy Blecher summary of maharishi uni.doc summary of maharishi uni.doc, 556 KB -Missing Jobs Curricula of Open Education Youth Valiues Most (Branson, Mandela Elders, Google, Gov) to see why

- we have little doubt that his free university parterships out of South Africa since 199 are the most joyful revolution to education's real world that the net generation has seen - we look forward to the day that they twin with  khan academy type platforms as youth's most valuable education channel of virtual world

online library of norman macrae--


Top 10 Job Creatprs from The GG Book of World Record Job Creators of NetGeneration

10 Yunus  -BEST NEWSCASTER EVER www.socialbusinesspedia.com the most fun thing I have seen youth and yunus do since jan 2008- how about you? BU inventions - Financial adviser, builder, energy-adviser, mobile telecoms for every 60 poorest mothers
9Sir Fazle Abed - BEST VILLAGE ENGINEER EVER -nobody in The Economist's (first 43 years of searching) both's engineers and audits the 3E's of microfranchsing with such relentless love (empowring self-confidence of all involved) as sir fazle abed and the world's largest and most collaborative grassroots networks BRAC. BU Inventions include - para-health, legal adviser, literacy and jobs educator for every village ...
8 Ingrid Munro -JB1  JB2   -Empowering Africa's Slumdog Billionnaire Partners
7 Taddy Blecher summary of maharishi uni.doc summary of maharishi uni.doc, 556 KB -Missing Jobs Curricula of Open Education Youth Valiues Most
(Branson, Mandela Elders, Google, Gov)
6 Sal Khan Missing platforms of open education's most urgent apprenticeships
5 George Soros Missing Microeconomics and Open Society Search(Gorbachev
4 Jim Kim2030nowjimkim2transcripts.doc 2030nowjimkim2transcripts.doc, 40 KB  #2030now    1  2 Healthy Cheerleader of net generation's social movements and value chain transformations (Farmer ... ) Cool Koreans Free UN's valuation of youth - and UN youth envoy
W4E/F4D - videos 1  2  3
2 Jack Ma China's next 100 Million SME Jobs connector Ending Digital Divides of last great nation before borderless world youth's dreams-be-true
1 WWW YouthLabs everywhere open source can reach, and Berners Lee (MIT, San Fran ) - Negrpronte, Joi Ito ...


 MOOCYUnus -videos 1

Click Picture 1 to informally MOOCyunus; click picture 2 to mooc with first change the world coursera- queries about Massive Open Online Collaboration welcome chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk as millions of youth prepareAtlanta 2015jobs expo to replace the Olympics as most valuable global village expo


Who's Who of Open Education 

Johannesburg leads twin capital race to co-creating million youth jobs


Join  YouthCapitalism info sharing at linkedin- sample jotting 

MOOCyunus videos emerged http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=moocyunusafter the 10th Skoll World Championships (Oxford April 2013). Here http://www.khanacademy.org became the second million dollar prize winner among education entrepreneurs- the first having been Taddy Blecher (search connections at skoll)   In the same prize giving celebrations, Dr Muhammad Yunus was given a special lifetime award


Breaking News Winter 2013, from chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk washington dc hotline 1 301 881 1655 Norman Macrae Foundation for Youth Capitalism -contribute to search for youth's most massive future collaborators
linkedi 9500 ;  twitter Obamauni -how do we truly help youth value universities and open education


 my friend taddy blecher (who kindly animated 2nd in series of norman macrae remembrance parties -1 The Economist Boardroom  1A joint souvenir publication with Dr Muhammad Yunus;  2 Taddy Blecher ; 3 Sir Fazle Abed and Japanese Ambassador;  4 Glasgow and Atlanta as Twin Youth Capitals - celebrating the joy of entrepreneurial revolution of youth capitalism and freeing the net generation's net 3 billion jobs) in south africa has shown me his latest project but said its for my eyes only for a few weeks; he's getting funds from south african government and partners like branson and google to guarantee 1 million youth jobs creation over next 5 years and training of 14 million teenagers on entrepreneurship; at the recent world bank youth summit the branson entrepreneurship curriculum was mentioned by a student speaker as the greatest life changer in his transformation from coding whiz to prolific startup partner with his peer generation across jamaica; taddy started the free university in 1999; he has always been skoll's most valued entrepreneur in total education systems well until skoll also featured khan academy last april at his world entrepreneur summits- tantalisingly close to useful connections if only we can find more capital cities (beyond Atlanta) where enough educators and leaders really want them for their youth 

..Help microeducationsummit microwiki change world education - relevant wikis: 1 2 3 4 


practice leaders' diaries  being co-edited so that action learning networks can linkin worldwide youth include:

  • which change summits are being turned into Massive Open Online Collaborations;
  • which of khan academy's 9 minute training modules can millions of youth change world with;
  • how can a capital spend one day a year searching and funding its 25000 most collaborative youth entreprenurs in such a way that millions of youth virtually action network too?
  • how does one ensure that 9-minute audio labs are planted wherever youth and leaders are designing huge job creating systems .....
  • ................................................................

 help www.wholeplanet.tv search 100 leaders of 2010s = youth's most productive decade coming from education and the other 7 wonders of The Economist's pro-youth economist
2013 Diary Most Urgent Pro-Youth Economic agenda:
DHAKA 72 Hours TO Change Education & Economics to be Pro-Youth 25 to 27 March 2013

help blog on MOOCs at http://youth10000education.blogspot.com



DEAR TADDY in South Africa- my guess is these are the most urgent questions sir fazle needs to understand with you march 25-27 as youth leaders of the free education world - delighted to hear of other questions
  1. what life-serving curriculum do your youth already know how to peer to peer?
  2. what curriculum do they most want sir fazle abed's help with? either directly because brac knows how or because at WISE, microeducationsummit, convergences2015 and other mgoal racing spaces he can massively open the call for them?
  3. who is going to deliver these q&A to him before end of March so that post 2015 millennium goal races unite youth in actioning these sorts of curricula more economically than education has ever seen before cheers chris macrae washington dc 1 301 881 1655 Norman Macrae Foundation pro-youth economics associate journals www.taddyblecher.com www.fazleabed.com www.yunus.tv www.obamauni.com www.wholeplanet.tv

Related stories : mass media - freedom of speech for news of those who do most good in the world is something that British politicians have the sorriest record of on - because of serial abuse. It shpuld be the purpose of the BBC www.futureofbbc.com  -as largest broadcaster owned by publi and dedicated to world service - to connet youth to the greatest world heroes with replicable community-based solutions for life-serving needs. However the last 60 years have seen british politicians of all stripes censor the bbc whenever it tries to help massively debate such freedoms. The connection with south africa is Gandhi. Because my grandad worked with Gandhi for quarter of a century I have always wondered how Gandhi first became world famous. As far s I can tell this is how

As a youth Gandhi couldn't find a best-for-world curriculum that any Indian could study in his home region of Mumbai so his families saved up for him to go to London to train at the Bar of London. When he returned to Bombay he couldn't find a job worthy of a London qualified Barrister. So he took a job in S Africa which permiited him one semester every 3 years back in India. While on one of these semesters he wrote an article in a samll local paper which send that while the Empire seemed to be unintentioannly chaing Indians to poverty in S Africa authorities were much worse with emerging Apartheid laws. This was picked up by the equivalent of Reuters around 1910 wired back to London and over to S.Africa making Gandhi famous on all 3 continents.

Fall's Breaking News with thanks to our S.African correspondents of Journalists for Humanity


south africa- worldwide lab cross-sectional leadership networks linking in economics of pro-youth social actions Posted by isabella wm View Discussions

 - skoll write up of one of Africa's greatest networkers for youth

Community and Individual Development Association Taddy Blecher

-this spring norman macrae foundation celebrated delightful opportunity to host event with jobourg-based taddy blecher -once an actuary at Porter's Monitor thinktank on value chains,  now the collaboration epicentre of many mandela-inspired partners (eg branson google kiva...) who are pioneering free tertiary education as the greatest consequence yet of MIT opening up educational resources over a decade ago - see more at www.taddyblecher.com .  Taddy is helping choose a tenth of youth 5000 - see http://charter.ning.com for how youth can rebiild world economy out of every global village

106 years on from gandhi's south african train ride to satyagraha (whole truth mediation by and for the peoples)-... help us map  youth's greatest experiments in sustaining productivity through million times more collaboration tech than when man raced to moon half a century ago:

s\SOCIAL ACTION = making the 21st century the most productive place to be born free, anywhere


terminolgy - i am not sure who coined social action - but its a phrase The Economist used since 1943 for using media to mediate youth's interests in every market - particularly with 2 goals set in 1843 to end hunger and end capital abuse of youth- queen victoria became so inspired by this idea that she asked The Economist to spend half a century transforming the english constitution from top of empire to epicentre of commonwealth -this founder james wilson and his son-in-law waler bagehot largely achieved though it took another generation and 2 world wars berfore london engaged in indepence of the india continent - the legalese of which took my maternal grandfather and mahatma gandhi 25 years of constant mediation to try out

a former first lady of s.africa once called bangladesh the open univerity of microcredit- since 2010s politicians in bangladesh destroyed the next phase of world youth meetings in bangladesh to celebrate job creation -and youth economics

- let's hope that one day that entrepreneurial freedom returns to bangladesh but for now south africa';s fame in the world should not be just as recent joyful host of world cup football; let's linkin to s. africa as world inspirational epicentre of youth jobs competitions networks and social technology labs


-here are some links to networks that might most gain from a youth woldbanking and world education summit in s.africa

Youth Save World - Collaboration Top 30 League Table- what to benchmark openly where

Boston MIT BernersLlee www; open course ware ;student enetrepreneur compeittions and patient capital; experiments in tech most human applications; quadir legatum-dubai0-mobile phones; quadir 2 brac digicash


S.Africa Free Tertiary Education -Blecher partnerships - mandela branson google kiva maharishi


Bangla networks of Sir Fazle Abed & BRAC at 40 - world's open banking, eu, value chains freed connection with japan peace aid across asia and beyond includes #1 in crop science


Lucknow India - over 50 years of schooling 40000 children as world citizens- Gandhi Montessori


Bangladeshi Mobile ER1 Muhammad Yunus www.yunus10000.com


Bangla Mobile ER2 Quadir 1 MIT legatum


Bangla Mobile ER3 - Quadir 2 dhaka www.bkash.com cellbazaar with grameen phone


China Jack Ma www.alibaba.com


Spain Millennium Goals peoples summit leader 15th Year: Queen Sofia jbm issue 3


Japan Millennium Goals peoples summit leader 15th Year: former prime minter ... jica most bottom up agency; joi ito coordinates MIT media lab; japan value green energy for own sustainability


France: Europe's benchmark microloan model www.adie.org Maria Nowak - now annual epicentre of millennium goal conference; original global sb partnering capital since 2005; best world service tv model with africa24tv; sb portal danonecommunities world tour - with duchess of luxembourg grameen credit agricole takes social busienss funds into a formal capital class


Kenya : Africa's end slum benchmark microcredit model Ingrid Munro www.Jamii Bora.org ; mpesa; links maathai work; ihuss through joburg to africas greatest software nets rould oly okollh


London: Transparency Africa Place Leaders Prize - Mo Ibrahim


Paris: Africa's best news industry leaders hi-trust missions - Africa24tv - best continental model for world service broadcasting


Maryland USA: Best method for 5000 people brainstorming and longest leader of system transformation networkers - Harrison Owen Open Space Tech emerged from Peace corps experience Africa; london oct 2010 phelim mcdermot world open space summit


check who mobilised Rwanda women


Partners in health


Melbourne Paul Komesaroff networks for youth volunteers. medics swarming for regeneration and reconciliation


California's Larry Brilliant - medical leader who ended smallpox; expert network connccteor of aravind end unnecessary blindness franchise; with skoll working on movies and disaster prevention network flows, former head of google.org


Kenya's Wangaari Maathia (departed 2011)- Green movements especially cooking fuels


Dc-Florida -Neville Williams - longest collaboration net of micro solar energy -eg SELF net asia; started up by carter in 80s!


London - Sainsbury Family Trust collaboration in green oscars www.ashden.org with support of leaders such as Prince Charles and BBC nature correspondent Paul Rose www.grameengreen.com


Georgia US: CEO Ray Anderson (departed 2011) - 20 year mission at interface carpet manufacturer to show almost any industry leader's supply chain can make a thriving transition to zero footprint


Texas US : Whole Foods CEO John Mackey WholePlanetFoundation (leader of job creating and sustainability reputation media : see www.wholeplanetfoundation.rg ) and leader of conscious capitalism business modeling


New York : Monica Yunus swww.singforhope.org eeding the greatest change in mass media with partners of superstars give back; needed linkjin with viv westwood and london supermodels


Paris France : Frank Riboud, Danone CEO, european and worldwide strategist of global social business branding partnerships in sustainability


Arizona/Oregon - Craig Barrett Inspiration of Intel World Ahead program - leading benchmark for all west coast hi-tech companies concerned with human sustainability


Toronto : Freethechildren movements; best replication of japans dragons den; mastercardfoundation


Imperial Family of Japan - constitutional bedrock of Asian Pacific www century


Queen Elizabeth - 60th year on throne as leader of Commonwealth -lets hope London's Olympic year is more of a reality turning point for youth futures than a celebrity 10 day bash- free the BBC as world's number 1 social media owned by and for people; end Murdoch campaign to discredit BBC since 1993 -bbc trust=hong kong's chris patten

How valuable to s.african people is being collaboration world number 1 in Free Tertiary Educatiion (FTE)?

As one of the 3 most valuable markets of the collaboration knowledge economy, free tertiary education solidifies S.Africa's claim to be one of the world's most sustainable growth economies of the next decade - for example fully meriting updating of the acronym BRIC to BRICS (Brazil Russia India China South Africa). Research conducted over 4 decades by The Economist's Entrepreneurial Revolution alumni suggests that in both developing and developed countries, over half of youth will be underemployed unless Free Tertiary Education is celebrated as one of the system designs needed for milennium goals and cross-cultural networks to seize the defining advantage of living in the first net generation -namely access to millions time more collaboration tech than when man raced to moon in 1960s 

The worldwide impact of FTE is proving that Moore's Law can apply to open sourcing most needed franchises- anyone who tracks the partners converging around Taddy Blecher since 2000 can see how fast the doubling of the service has been as well as how the demand gets greater everywhere this model's goodwill multiplication gets linked in

At a conservative estimate, students at free universities will double every two years for several decades. That's 32 times more impact every decade. Fortuanately this franchise, wherever it peer to peer connects through youth both compounds exponenetial rising opportunities, and helps prevent compound risks (expoenential collapse) that other systems are comounding


 Vote for top knowledge marlets convergent with Norman Macrae's 3 bullion job charter as first economist of the internet generation(1984); examples are the centres of gravity around Blecher in Johannesburg, S.Africa; around Bangladesh at 40, around MIT in Boston

What is FTE?

Free universities are designed round the purpose of maximising every student's lietime income generating confidence and capability. By developing the FTE system first with the least advantaged youth (for whom the service is virtually free) it seems probable that FTE is the most important knowledge networking service yet created for and by youth of the net generation. It can work in any country and FTE is arguably the biggest open source service player because it adds value to every other open source service relevant to most exciting goals that worldwide youth vote for. Free Universities serve a full arnge of needs from maximising the entrepreneurship each person is born with to providing vocatioanl training in areas like nursing where poorest communities all over the world have a desprate need for the more passionate people to become nurses because they want to bring joy and health to the whole community as opposed to making healthcare as costly as bureaucrats can make it.

Fortunatelly Taddy Blecher already offers a wide range of free universities to go and benchmark in johannesburg and has been carefully choosing worldwide partners who have additional valid format ideas to connect the energies of youth worldwide - see eg branson testimonial to replicating free universities as one of the favorite practices linked in to the Mandela elders group  , or see why Oprah Winfree celebratesd free universities as one of the greatest contributors to girl empowerment)

Who would uniquely miss what if free tertiary education hadn't been invented?

Everyone wanting to see the first quarter of the 21st C the most productive and sustainable time for all people and communities would suffer if FTE hadn't been invented.  

If you have stiudied the system arguments of einstein or von neumann, it is quite likely that the long-term sustainability of the majority of the human race now depends on the FTE invention being celebrated everywhere it can empower youth to be happy and free (in the sense of those words valued in the original decalaration of independence)

Oprah Winfrey | Transcendental Meditation | TM

Alexa Traffic Rank for tminjoburg.co.za: 547000www.transcendentalmeditation.tminjoburg.co.za/.../oprah-winfrey-do...Cached
22 Nov 2011 – Oprah Winfrey does Transcendental Meditation in the Domes in ... referring to our great Taddy Blecher, who I think handled the request to get ...


 As Good as News  Gets


..Notes of the Blecher Portfolio of Free Universties

six free-access tertiary education institutions: 

1. the Maharishi Institute (2007)– to develop by 2012 the first financially self-sustaining free-access higher-education institution in Africa
2. the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship (2005) with Sir Richard Branson;
3. CIDA City Campus (2000) - the first free university in South Africa; [resigned August 2008][City Campus has achieved scale and now operates independently of COMMUNITY]
4. MERU (2011)
Assisting with the creation of:
5. TSiBA in Cape Town (2005)
6. Eden Campus in Karatara, Garden Route

Notes on some viral products of free University's peer to peer education..

student owned telecentre-Executive Chair of Invincible Outsourcing

entrepreneur pitches wiyh branson

kiva loans for student start ups

peer to peer courses

peer to peer job franchises 

 further areas being develooed round taddy blecher partners:

CIDA Empowerment Fund – a R 150 million education endowment fund;
· Invincible South Africa - to reduce violent crime by 30% in South Africa by December 2013;
· CBE Schools SA - Consciousness-Based Education, a daily Quiet Time programme in schools, incorporating Transcendental Meditation – to transform educational outcomes in schools

Initiatives currently under development:
· The development of the field of Impact Sourcing in South Africa, through the creation of IMPACT SA BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) Academy, as a sustainable means to help thousands of individuals gain access to education, training, jobs, and lifetime careers, breaking the poverty cycle
· MERU: Ezemvelo Eco-campus – to create a centre of excellence in poverty alleviation methodologies for sub-Saharan Africa at a R35 million Nature Reserve donated by the Oppenheimer family
· Education and Replication Centre – to package materials and methods to open free-access tertiary education across South Africa andAfrica
o Including, 21’st Century Learning Labs
o Mass-scale, low-cost, high-quality, effective, enlightened education
· Africa College Fund, in process to become a USA-based 501(c)(3) charity to fund free tertiary education in Africa
Other areas of involvement:
· The Elders – development initiative with Sir Richard Branson and Peter Gabriel. Involved in the foundational strategy and creation of the Elders [with Nelson Mandela, Jimmy Carter, Mary Robinson, Archbishop Desmond Tutu]
· innovationTOWN - premier South African innovation awards;


yclub100.com - research of 100 leaders of 2010s = youths most productive decade

erworld.tv - searching how europe (offers worldwide big society model) spending 100 billion dollars on youth's greatest jobs 

This site  The Web 

questions and comments welcome chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk, dairist The Economist's Unacknowledged Giant, Dc hotline 1 301 881 1655

our current league table of 10 greatest educators of youth's most productive deacde maps like this - nominations and questions always welcome
Ingrid Munro - African Youth's joint most replicable job creator, and peer to peer womens empowerment college  Sir Fazle Abed - winner of the first and biggest prize in education- network founder of more schools than anyoneThe Gandhi family at Lucknow- the family that created a city's favourite schooling system with over 40000 children a year, and monthly world class festivals celebrating students as world citizens; the only schooling system to win unesco peace prize for cross-cultural empowerment 
 Team Bhuiyan - 1 -  Youth 1000 Job Creation brainstorms - our of atlanta, the 21st C most productive media for youth to network Mrs Begum team - the education soul of banking for the poor women entrepreneurs  and jobs-education for the poor's next generation 10000 thousand girl - the australian worldwide movement of economics and banking curricula for schools and young women
 MIT - the number 1 job creating edu in the world, with extraordinary entrepreneurial competitions and digital media labs (eg negroponte, berners lee ... ), and open course ware Harrison Owen - how to optimalise the live innovation brainpower of up to 5000 people from 9 year olds up Gordon Dryden - since the 1984 netfure report: the most radical innovator of education anywhere including new zealand and china www.thelearningweb.net
& Taddy Blecher- founder of the free university, and african youth's joint most replicable changemaker , nay gamechanger
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"Russell Simmons with the Maharishi Institute students in S

to Missing Link, Ruth Hill-Jowet, Nadine Naidoo, and Taddy Blecher for the video production ... russell simmons cida city campus diamond ...

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Dr Taddy (Adam Paul) Blecher --- Part 1

Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries (London) FSSA

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Dr Taddy (Adam Paul) Blecher --- Part 2

Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries (London) FSSA

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Dr Taddy (Adam Paul) Blecher --- Part 3

Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries (London) FSSA

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Thank You Servochem!

A student at the Maharishi Institute thanking Servochem for the generous donation of paint for our 8- story building downtown Johannesburg. Thank ...

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

this time last year (before global hub meeting and cogniscent of what queen sofia had been asking but not getting microcreditsummit's help on in the world microcreditsummit she must have put 50 days of her own time and much of spains regional turism budget behind ) I asked whether there was anyone in the spanish hub who knew queen sofia well enough to help her microcreditsummit address spanish youth economy problems; we didnt get an actionable answer

2012's concept I have in mind is that queen sofia leads a journey of change to s.africa with one third people in church who are most reponsible for catholic budgets, one third entrepreneurial youth and one third spanish ceo businessmen and learns from everyone taddys partners know how to youth entrepreneur-- I dont know if we should involve virgin united as the travel partner in this tour because I dont know if branson would ever play supporting role to taddy (to date what bransons elders do has been inpenetrable to anyone living outside of s.africa)

I do not believe you will find a simpler way to make it trendy news that is is possible to start to reverse youth unemployment in spain; ideally a tv crew would cover this journey; it could have a second leg in kenya too if ingrid and taddy saw a synergy

chris www.erworld,tv


if I could mention such a scenario is being explored, the japanese would get it in their own way

there is no reason why other royals including prince charles shouldnt sponsor something similar and bundle it in to celebration of his mothers 60th year on the throne

I am very concerned that the first experiments with social impact bonds take it to countries in eu where the way church elders accidentally disinvested the economy from the next generation; the euro bubble targeted these nations in europe, so getting the part of the top of society that was the problem to be the solution is quite likely the only way spain or greek youth have any chance of growth in the next quarter of a century; queen sofia's 2 familial countries are spain and greece as you may know

Is this too radical a story for journalists of the new economist to cover even if they take smaller steps towards this logic; the end action needs to be the result of any such faciliation process

I will also voice something that concerns me; I believe that queen sofia and indeed grand duchess of luxembourg each of whom have spent months if not years of their time on yunus related work think that yunus hunts out the taddy blschers of this world and would put her in touch with them; whereas for whatever reason yunus has got to be of that age and obsession about defending grameen village women that he doesnt look across the micro youth networks he inspired for such future twinnings; put another way none of the summits -let alone their hub spinoffs - led around yunus are ever going to present taddy as a next generation leader of micro up movements so we need to break through that with a royal news journey of change to taddy's work; equally if we could ever substitute monica yunus and viv westwood on one of muhammad yunus royal tours they would cross-connect their superstar networks

after all right now the whole of s africas positive change movements including mandela converge on taddy's energy and the way his mdoest persona is of no threat to any of s;africa powers for good


ps if you think this idea is muddled ok but substitute it for a bigger one as this connecting of adundant entrepreneurial solutions isnt going to come about if the people we each link in cant come up with a big idea on how the world can now learn from what taddy has next to no degrees of separation round; microeducationsummit can rise from the ashes of microcreditsummit

attached is version 1 of the entrepreneurial revolution script I am walking japan through in asking that japan economists go to war with american economics mindsets and make sure the asian region repels such fatally conceited american economics for the rest of this century;it would be sad if the southern hemisphere isnt simlarly innoculated

if this mail worries you just trash it; thanks and any errors are mine alone

PhD (Honoris Causa), B.Sc. (Hons) (Wits)
Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries (London) F.S.S.A.
Dr Taddy Blecher is the:
· Chair of the South African National Government task team on Entrepreneurship, Education, and Job Creation,
Human Resource Development Council of South Africa
· CEO of the Community and Individual Development Association (COMMUNITY)
· CEO of the Maharishi Institute (MI)
· Executive Chair of Invincible Outsourcing

He is a pioneer of the ‘free tertiary education movement’ in South Africa:

· Founded the first free tertiary educational institutions in South Africa
· As a result over 5 500 unemployed South Africans have been educated, found employment, and moved from poverty to the middle-class
· These formerly unemployed youth have combined salaries in excess of R250 million p.a.($35m), with an expected life-time earnings of R9.5 billion ($1.4bn)
· Over 600 000 young South Africans in schools have been reached with one-week education and life-skills training courses
· Has raised over R 450 million in cash, property, and equity, to support free access for financially disadvantaged South Africans to successfully go through university and post-secondary school education
As CEO of the Community and Individual Development Association (COMMUNITY), he has been co-founder of six free-access tertiary education institutions:

1. the Maharishi Institute (2007)– to develop by 2012 the first financially self-sustaining free-access higher-education institution in Africa
2. the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship (2005) with Sir Richard Branson;
3. CIDA City Campus (2000) - the first free university in South Africa; [resigned August 2008][City Campus has achieved scale and now operates independently of COMMUNITY]
4. MERU (2011)
Assisting with the creation of:
5. TSiBA in Cape Town (2005)
6. Eden Campus in Karatara, Garden Route (2006)

In addition, he has founded:
· Invincible Outsourcing – first call-centre business ‘owned’ and staffed by students
· CIDA Empowerment Fund – a R 150 million education endowment fund;
· Invincible South Africa - to reduce violent crime by 30% in South Africa by December 2013;
· CBE Schools SA - Consciousness-Based Education, a daily Quiet Time programme in schools, incorporating Transcendental Meditation – to transform educational outcomes in schools

Initiatives currently under development:
· The development of the field of Impact Sourcing in South Africa, through the creation of IMPACT SA BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) Academy, as a sustainable means to help thousands of individuals gain access to education, training, jobs, and lifetime careers, breaking the poverty cycle
· MERU: Ezemvelo Eco-campus – to create a centre of excellence in poverty alleviation methodologies for sub-Saharan Africa at a R35 million Nature Reserve donated by the Oppenheimer family
· Education and Replication Centre – to package materials and methods to open free-access tertiary education across South Africa and Africa
o Including, 21’st Century Learning Labs
o Mass-scale, low-cost, high-quality, effective, enlightened education
· Africa College Fund, in process to become a USA-based 501(c)(3) charity to fund free tertiary education in Africa
Other areas of involvement:
· The Elders – development initiative with Sir Richard Branson and Peter Gabriel. Involved in the foundational strategy and creation of the Elders [with Nelson Mandela, Jimmy Carter, Mary Robinson, Archbishop Desmond Tutu]
· innovationTOWN - premier South African innovation awards;
Board Roles:
· Chairperson of the South African National Government task team on Entrepreneurship, Education, and Job Creation, of the Human Resource Development Council [reporting to the Deputy President through the secretariat of the Human Resource Development Council]
o Launched an initiative in January 2012, to put 100,000 small South African business online for free, bringing together Google, Vodacom, and the Department of Trade and Industry, and the Human Resource Development Council
· Global Center of Social Entrepreneurship, University of the Pacific, California
· Community Individual Development Association, and Community Individual Development Trust
· Maharishi Education for Invincibility Trust
· International Board of Branson School of Entrepreneurship [co-founded with Sir Richard Branson: schools now launched in South Africa and Caribbean, and under development for several other African countries]
· Invincible Empowerment Fund, and Invincible Outsourcing
· Supernews, South Africa
· Patron of the Tomorrow Trust
· Cents for Change
· National Director of Consciousness-Based Education for South Africa
Former Board Positions:
· International Marketing Council of South Africa [invited by SA President]
· CIDA City Campus, currently a ‘member of organisation’ and attend AGM’s

Dr Blecher is formerly a qualified actuary and management consultant.
Taddy turned down a R1.3 million per annum job in 1995 and numerous offers subsequently of dramatically higher salaries and has spent 16-years to help uplift the lives of historically disadvantaged individuals in his country and to build access to education for all in South Africa.
· Inc.com Magazine, author Tom Peters ranked Taddy Blecher as one of his top 5 most influential entrepreneurs in the world of the last 30 years, 2009
· $ 1 million award for Social Entrepreneurship, Skoll Foundation award to support his work in CIDA City Campus, to honour the most innovative and effective approaches to resolving critical social issues world-wide, 2006
· Awarded two honorary doctorates: Goodwin College, USA, 2004; Maharishi University of Management, 2007, in recognition of contribution to society
· Global Leader of Tomorrow Award from the World Economic Forum, 2002. Recognised as one of 100 young leaders under the age of 37 around the world who are making an exceptional contribution to 'making a better world’
· Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum, 2005
· ‘Favourite business personality in South Africa’, Glamour Magazine, 2005
· Ranked #5 amongst business leaders in South Africa, in the publication South Africa’s Leading Managers, Corporate Research Foundation
· Recognised by The Star newspaper as being one of the top 100 people in 2002 that made the headlines. He was ranked number six in the country in the business category as, “An inspirational speaker whose incredible story made every major publication in South Africa.”
· Supporters of his work have included: Sir Richard Branson; Oprah Winfrey; His Holiness the Dalai Lama; Suze Orman; Oppenheimer family; Russell Simmons; Bill Gates; Michael Dell; & leading South African and international corporations and foundations
v BMF (Black Management Forum Award) - a ‘shining example of achievement and success’ in empowering managerial leadership amongst black people
v Wits University Alumni Honour Award
v Rotary, Paul Harris Fellowship, their highest honour, for ‘service above self’ contribution to the community in the field of tertiary education
v Jewish Report humanitarian Award
v Toastmasters ‘Communicator of the Year’ Award
v The Maharishi Award, 2008
v World Shining Humanitarian Award, 2009
v Wits Humanitarian Award, 2009
v The David Award for Gemilut Chesed, from the King David Foundation, 2010
v Global Hero Award, from the Global Center for Social Entrepreneurship, University of the Pacific, California, October 2010

v SABC2 Achievers’ Award for education. The award pays tribute to African excellence and is an acknowledgement of Africans who have made a profound difference.
v The National Productivity Institute’s chairperson’s award for outstanding contribution.
v Grand prix award in the Age of Innovation competition for the most innovative organisation in South Africa,
v The Nedbank Prosperity Sustainability Award
v “Seedlings of Success” Award for the Maharishi Institute; October 2010: chosen in Bahrain’s Education Project for global education prize to recognize young (early-stage) educational institutions or programs that have maximum potential to bring positive educational outcomes and significant good as they grow and scale. The judging for the award was done by National Ministers of Education from 10 countries, and 500 educators from 48 countries; featured on CNN, Wall-Street Journal, CNBC, and by over 100 international news agencies
Over 30 published books have profiled Dr Blecher’s work, including the three most recent books by Sir Richard Branson (Screw Business as Usual, Nov 2011; Business Stripped Bare; Screw It, Just Do It), Extraordinary South Africans (2010), The Optimist (Lawrence Shorter, 2009), The Opposable Mind (Roger Martin, 2009), Three Feet from Gold (2009) the 100’th year centenary of Napoleon Hill’s, Think and Grow Rich.
Has lectured in the fields of Strategy, Management, Statistics, Business Mathematics, IT, Insurance and Financial Services, Leadership and Consulting.
Taddy is a former senior project leader with international strategic management consulting firm Monitor Company, where he was rated in the top 1% of consultants in the firm.
Formerly an actuary at a large South African financial services organisation,
Taddy has won several awards and scholarships including the Liberty Life Gold Medal for top Actuarial Honours student in South Africa.
Dr Blecher has presented at over 300 conferences over the last 15 years in South Africa and around the world on topics related to poverty eradication, developing economies, innovation in education, and human potential development. These talks include amongst others: Microsoft; Canadian Government; Alexander Forbes UK; Sir Richard Branson’s Leadership tours to South Africa; The Elders; World Economic Forum; Skoll Forum; Education Project, Bahrain; Global Center for Social Entrepreneurship; Clinton Global Initiative, and Young Presidents Organisation.
5:47 pm edt 

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21icons "We want to create a hundred thousand people who will be their own unique individuals who keep alight what being a human being should be when Ubuntu is alive. And we really care about the dignity of other human beings and what we mean to each other. That's if South Africa is going to keep Mandela's flame alive then we must bring up young people up with that. That must burn in their hearts, of what it is to be human, and what it is to be South African, truly. Not about making money and doing a BEE deal and getting rich quick but the South Africa that runs deep in all of our veins, that kind of humanity."

He concludes with the principle of the triple bottom line: people, planet and prosperity, and speaks of how a philanthropic culture can sustain people. "This is a place to turn broken people into empowered people, a place to achieve their life goals. I call it mass personalisation, fulfilling human potential using the inside-out mechanism. Education is dealing with fundamental attitudes of hearts and minds; we need to awaken what is inside us and unleash the passion. We need to focus on our greatness. Every student is a genius waiting to happen."

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